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Five Fold Path to Healing

Gerri Bakun RN, serves her clients as a Registered Nurse, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and Energy Healer.

The focus of her sessions is on providing her clients with non-medication tools and techniques for managing depression, anxiety, chronic pain or simply the stressors of daily life. These services are provided through her program “
The Five Fold Path to Healing”, which encompasses the five areas of: Energy, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation and Connection. These holistic services include tools and techniques used to support the client's well-being and are primarily educational in nature.

These services are not to be used as a substitute for the professional services of a physician or licensed therapist. The client is advised to consult his or her medical health professional regarding any aspect of the sessions that relate to professional medical care.
Service Descriptions
One hour “Discovery Session” to see if this program is right for you: $25
One hour individual session on a topic of your choice: $65/Session
Package – 6 Individual one hour sessions- includes initial assessment and covers all components: Energy, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation and Connection: $349
Optional Follow Up session after completion of 6 week Package: $55/Session
Six Week Class covering all 5 Components: $150
Reiki Energy Balancing Treatment (recommended 3 sessions): $65/session
Sessions can be provided in an office setting, over the phone, at the client's home or via the Internet. Session location to be agreed upon by both client and provider prior to the session. All payments are due at the time of service.