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Those We've Helped

Gerri Bakun has been an esteemed colleague, and good friend of mine, for over three decades.  I’ve had the honor of witnessing Gerri’s lifelong vocation to alleviate suffering. Ms. Bakun is extremely passionate in her pursuit to heal physical ailments and mental afflictions. Gerri use’s an integrative and complimentary approach to reduce suffering. Her “toolbox”, as a change agent, includes, but is not limited to, use of nutrition/supplements, Spring Forest Qigong, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Remaining up to date on the most cutting edge healing practices. Despite the confidence Ms Bakun displays as a skilled practitioner, possibly Gerri’s biggest strength is her presence. She has incredible kindness, patience, calmness, and gentleness. The relationships she establishes is healing! As my mentor, I would not hesitate to refer a loved one to Gerri Bakun! -  Bruce J. MA, LMFT

I have worked with Gerri Bakun for over 25 years in the mental health field. She is fantastic and very knowledgeable about alternatives to medications. Her group on Tapping, Qigong, Reiki, diet and supplements was overflowing with patients as they found it so helpful. She also designed a super pain management series. - Vicki H.  CTRS