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About Us

Gerri Bakun RN, BA

I am a certified in various holistic therapies and began incorporating them in my work as a mental health nurse clinician in a day treatment setting. I am a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.  My other certifications include: Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant, Certified Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Instructor, Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister of Holistic Healing through the Awakenings Institute.

Mission Statement: I am committed to providing my clients with tools and techniques that can help promote vibrant health in body, mind and spirit. I have incorporated these techniques into a program I have developed called “The Five Fold Path to Healing” which include the following five components:


While this program was
developed primarily for clients experiencing depression, anxiety and/or chronic pain, it is equally beneficial for anyone looking to optimize their potential and realize their dreams and goals through the integrated development of body, mind and spirit.

My practice is
not meant to be a substitute or replacement for treatment by a physician and/or licensed therapist and I would, in no way, encourage or insist that my clients go off of any prescribed medications without physician approval. 

My goal is to share knowledge and provide adjunctive therapies to be used in addition to what the client is currently doing to
enable their medications to work more effectively and thus enhance their well-being.