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The Five Fold Path to Healing

non-medication tools for managing depression and anxiety

Gerri Bakun RN, BA

Are you currently on medication for depression or anxiety but not getting the results you were hoping for? You're not alone. Luckily there are many non-medication tools that can be used in addition to medications to help enhance their effectiveness.

I am a holistic health nurse with 30 years experience providing clients with simple, effective techniques for managing depression and anxiety. As an RN, I do not diagnose or prescribe. I share knowledge and provide coaching. The techniques I teach are not meant to replace but enhance the results of current treatment.

In my sessions, I focus on the areas of nutrition, energy, exercise, connection, and meditation to bring the mind, body and sprit together.
Gerri Bakun RN, BA
Gerri Bakun RN, BA

holistic health nurse with 30 years experience

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Gerri is an experienced nurse who is skilled in sharing her integrative expertise to promote health and healing to the patients she works with. I have worked along side of Gerri as both a clinician and a leader. She is an amazing nurse! - Becky M., RN